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Asked Questions

Which Ethiopian banks does Abo pays support?
Currently four Ethiopian banks are supported on our payment systems. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Dashen Bank, Awash Bank, and Berhan Bank. We are working on signing the rest of Ethiopian banks to our services.
What is the exchange rate to send to Ethiopian Banks?
We work with the official banks exchange rate of Ethiopia. However, we have a lot of bonus opportunities for customers that are so attractive for our services. 
What is the minimum payout allowed?
The minimum payout amount allowed to receive is $ 20. This is a very attractive amount for customers as compared to other options.
How long will it take to receive withdrawals?
Payout for withdrawals with our services shouldn't take more than 3 hours. But, in some cases, the payment process might take 1 - 3 days. If you didn't get your payments in the specified date gaps and didn't receive any email from AboPays, you must contact us immediately.
Do I have to pay fees to use AboPays services?
Other than standard payments and fees that you pay from the third party sites like paypal and tiktok, you will not pay any fee to use our services. All of our services are free forever.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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